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Property Owner FAQ’s

Q. Why is there a start-up fee?
Q. Why is there a hosting fee?
Q. Will you take any property on your rental program?
Q. How do I submit my property for inspection?

Why is there a start-up fee?

  • Everyone needs to learn about your rental property. It takes significant design time and expensive tools to gather the following information then script it for posting online.
  • We take five digital pictures and professionally manipulate them for excellent quality.
  • We write a unique description of your property.
  • We run through an extensive process to objectively rate your property.
  • We develop a web document that contains aerial views of the complex and specific driving directions. Click here for an example.
  • We set up a lock box with a unique key code to be used by guests.
  • We file paperwork with the State of Hawaii. We setup an owner email address & password.
  • We create a Guest Directory Book specific to your property.

Why is there a hosting fee?

  • The cost of web design and hosting is high when you interface with top of the line software and design companies.
  • We charge a hosting fee that offsets our real costs and allows us to manage fixed monthly expenses during slower months allowing us to minimize our management commission.

Will you take any property on your rental program?

No. We monitor the type of property we allow on our program by inspecting it before accepting it. A poorly-cared for property results in guest complaints. In the end, that complaint can stain the reputation of a good rental company. We protect our reputation and our guests by setting a high standard for excellence in accommodations. When we preliminarily rate a property we offer suggestions, comments and items that need immediate attention.

How do I submit my property for inspection?

Requesting a property inspection is simple and cost you nothing. Simply call toll free 1.888.315.4157 or email us through our “Contact Us” page and we’ll call you. We count time spent doing inspections as an investment and enjoy the prospect of adding your property to our program.


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